COI – creating oligarchic information?

COI – ‘The Re-brand’

Central Office of Information

I worked with COI (the UK Government’s centralised agency for creating government communications) between 2001-03 when I was PR Manager at a change management consultancy whose client was the British Army.  My impressions of COI were of a vast and glossy machine staffed by the best PR and marketing minds, churning out award-winning campaigns. The truth may have been rather different from the inside but the people I had meetings with were always friendly, professional and seemed to be aware of the privileged bubble in which they operated.
With the change of government, whose priority it is to whittle down costs and improve efficiency, it’s no surprise that Matt Tee’s report recommends a complete overhaul of the COI brand. The COI brand, is closely wedded to the last government, demonstrating the power of ‘the brand’. For marketers, re-brands can be exciting as well as intellectually challenging. The process throws open a range of truths; sometimes uncomfortable often fascinating.  The end of the re-brand is usually welcomed with relief by agencies and staff alike: there is a new framework on which to hang success. So, bring on the re-brand and more importantly, what happens after that.

© Suzy Rigg


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