Kate Marie Nash

London born Kate Nash: musician, songwriter, rebel.


I listened to Kate Nash on Radio 4 singing to a live studio audience. When she had finished she was interviewed and I was struck by her insights into the music industry. She talked about an experience with a male journalist who said she would be more successful if she had fewer ‘opinions’.  She also recounted tales about being encouraged by other songwriters to give them song writing credits and she made the studio audience laugh when she told the story about seeing a photo of herself in a magazine with a red ring around a ‘supposed’ zit on her chin. “ I guess the writer had a big zit on their bum and writing that made them feel better!”

She described how she was also advised not to have so many instruments on the stage as the audience should just focus on her as a singer.

So, it was no surprise to find out that Ms. Nash is played at London’s Southbank in March 2011 in a gig designed to promote equality between the sexes: http://tinyurl.com/6jjvhzu She’s also, according to Wikipedia, a founding director of the Featured Artists Coalition, a group that lobbies on behalf of musicians.

Her instruments? Vocals, guitar, synth, keyboard, bass, drums.

Her music? Rock, indie.

Her attitude? Amazing, forward-thinking and refreshingly honest for a female in the music industry.

Whether you like her music or not, you must respect her in her own words: “passion for her music and the opportunity it gives me for expression and rebellion!”

© Suzy Rigg