Unleash Your Inner Genie!

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Unleash the Genie!


Unleash your inner Genie!

Ahhh, I love words: in·gen·ious/inˈjēnyəs/Adjective

1. (of a person) Clever, original, and inventive.

2. (of a machine or idea) Cleverly and originally devised and well suited to its purpose.

Working motherhood can zap the very lifeblood out of you. When my children hear me answer the ‘phone in work mode ‘Suzy Rigg speaking’  they  mercilessly tease me for hours afterwards. What’s so funny I say, that I have a name other than ‘m-uuuuu-m’ or that I answer to other people apart from them? The point is we are spread very thinly and it’s easy to forget who we are  and what gets us excited about life. If you are a mumpreneur it’s likely that you are following your dream or at least doing something you really enjoy. As an employee you may feel fulfilled but yearn to have more time for hobbies or creative activities. Whatever your position, it’s time to summon your inner genie!  Sounds ingenious? It is! We need to embrace our elusive inner genie, and look forward to some exciting results! If you are working on a creative project and looking for inspiration or in the midst of a life or career change but not sure how you will make ends meet without the security of a regular income, here are some tips to help you (re)-find your spark of ‘genius’:

***Gold hoop earrings optional ***


This thing has whizzed around in your head for too long. You owe it to yourself and your future to find a way out. Writing things down will help to unscramble thoughts and ideas buried deep within you. Some people are list-makers, others like vision boards, spider diagrams, pretty notebooks, postcards etc, however you do it, you need to ‘cluster’ your ideas together – be brutally honest, then walk away. Sometimes 24 hours is all it takes for your ingenuity to kick in. The ‘overnight’ test is always a good one, as the thoughts will be uppermost in your brain, and during sleep the subconscious mind takes over. Some people even sleep with a note pad and pen nearby in case inspiration strikes during the night.  Try it. 


Therapy can be expensive. There are so many different types of therapists available, choosing one can become an issue itself! Life coaches, EFT (emotional freedom therapy) and NLP practitioners are prolific and can provide a good sounding board for moving your life forward or helping you to resolve a troubling issue. Talking to someone who has NO knowledge or experience of your predicament can sometimes shed fresh and intriguing light on your situation; helping you to access your own spark of hidden genius. A non-judgmental, listening ear can help you come to your own solutions; it’s the vocalisation process that helps you access your inner genie!


Reading, painting, drawing or doodling, listening to music, making something with a child or young person, playing a complicated game with a competitive opponent are all examples of things you can do to release the genie from the bottle. Total immersion in creative activity allows you to process the decisions you have been grappling with. Being in a relaxed state of mind will help your inner genie do its work. 



I have left this last, as this would seem to be the most obvious thing to do, but in my experience it’s actually much more difficult to do than you might think. Just ‘centre yourself’ and the answers will come. What sit still..’phone off, computer off, no interruptions, when..? how? I strongly recommend further research about meditation and techniques on how to ‘quiet’ the brain. The evidence suggests that it can help reduce stress and facilitate decision-making in our busy modern lives. It’s worth closer inspection.

Using a combination of all these techniques can help to move forward in your life in a natural and inexpensive way. Finding your inner genie is not really about being ‘clever’, it’s about realising that each of us has within us the power to find answers to the challenges that life presents as well as the creativity and strength to make our lives more manageable and more joyful.

So go on, let yours out…!


© Suzy Rigg







One thought on “Unleash Your Inner Genie!

  1. To cut a very long story short, even then it will be too long …..

    My partner and I agreed I should seek out help. My behaviour was beyond control and taking over my life and ruining my relationship……I understood completely!

    I made an appointment with my doctor who asked me fill out a questionnaire, so I qualify for free councelling….. On a scale of 1 – 10 how often do you think of suicide, please do me a favour, I am here to tell you I think of it every day, I am not here to fill out forms….please help me mr doctor…… amidst talking to him about suicide, receptionists were walking in and out asking him to sign perscriptions, can this man really help me?!…. The doctor said that he would send my paperwork to a councellor, he advised me that I was allowed only 6 free sessions, and that i would have to pay £50 for 45 mins thereafter….. 6 free sessions for what seems like a life time of problems this was gonna cost me an arm and a leg. I attended thoses sessions and paid for many after the 6th free session.

    Every wednesday after my session I would head back home sniffling away with a massive headache, my partner would put me into bed and collect the children from school. Getting no where fast with the councellor, I sat down with my partner, and discussed my future…..I said I knew what I was doing to myself and I could see how it was effecting everyone who I love, I said I had the power to control it and manage it, I said I wanted to learn to talk to him and I told him I prefered to talk to him rather than someone I didnt know……….We made a plan together and most of it Suzy includes in her ‘Unleash Your Inner Genie’ blog ……..

    After breaking the bank I realised that I had the power to manage my difficulties / problems / paranoia (and the rest) myself, i had to stop letting it take over my life and I did this by using Suzys advice here in her blog.

    It was simple, I had to start letting people close to me ‘in’ I decided to utilised my freinds skills and gifts, for example one of my best friends is a white witch in cornwall, on my ‘bad days he would sit for however long I wanted him too and real off all my worries,I trust him with my life and everything he said. without a doubt I would listen to his advice and feel much better, he taught me how to breathe. Another one of my close friends is a EFT therapist who i can share all my ideas, ambitions, plans with and helps me to write these all down and manage them one by one. I most fo all, listen to my partner like every single word that leaves his mouth are the most important words i’ll ever hear, that he loves me, enough to tell me that i required help, and I did. I had been preying for this all my life.

    I now manage my demons, they will never leave and its exhausting but I am the boss. I focus on relaxing and getting more sleep, i try to spend more time with friends and getting to know myself and loving myself and I now produce in my own time music videos for my ‘muso’ friends…..I just work at making my dreams come true and stop being bogged down by my demons…..

    From someone who truly has struggled like me ( i’d NEVER confess that before) for too long, Suzy is right, trust me I excercised most of her tips….. I feel much better, Im in charge!

    Thanks Suzy!


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