Conversation Between Friends: Best Friends Forever?

This blog is called ‘Conversation Between Friends’ . The first sort of friendship I am going to talk about is woman to woman. Everyone has a different story to tell but there is one common thread – these friendships are vital to womens’ emotional wellbeing.

Chinese Symbol for Forgiveness
Conversation Between Friends: Chinese Symbol for Friendship


From my experience, the saying ‘people come into your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime’ does ring true! Some friends seem to come into your life to ‘teach’ you something (a reason) some of them are for a fixed period of time only, then they evaporate (a season) and thankfully some of them stick around while your life continues on its crazy backflip merry-go-round (for life).

In my early twenties, I had a great friend I used to go clubbing with, on holiday with and we were practically glued together. People mistook us for sisters and we were just fine with that (one of us is adopted, the other an only child). Then I got pregnant. Quite imperceptibly, our friendship changed. I was morphing into a woman and she was still young at heart. My pregnancy seemed to shine a light on her relationship with her boyfriend. Something deep in my psyche told me she’d had a termination. But we never discussed this.

My baby was born and she promised to send a bouquet to my London flat. It never arrived. She suggested that the neighbours in the flat below had appropriated the flowers, well that was easier to believe wasn’t it? She looked at my child and mused that she probably wouldn’t have one as good-looking as mine. In my hormonal haze, I couldn’t come up with a suitable one-liner; maybe one wasn’t required as she didn’t seem to be joking. Our riotous trip to Florida had become a distant memory, and soon so was our friendship.

I was hurt and confused: how could a friend treat you so badly? (I was to find out, as in another friendship I became the badly behaved one). But the baby years are busy, and the vacuum created by one lost friend is rapidly filled by many other mummy friends and their intriguing offspring.

I remember our daring and closeness our vanity, and shocking amounts of confidence as two young women with the world at their feet. For that, our friendship will never be forgotten.

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One thought on “Conversation Between Friends: Best Friends Forever?

  1. I do not have many friends, but found the ones I made when Maxi was a baby, did not last very long, I got sucked in to the world of competative parenting and it was terrible. I saw a comment over on BMB about monitising your blog and just popped over to say have you registered on tots100 ( or with Blogger.Ed. There are some great posts and information on all sorts of blogging issues.

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