Communicating in times of economic change

This is a piece of self-PR, so look away now, if you’re of a delicate disposition!

I was recently invited by an ex-colleague and friend, to present to a group of publishers and agents on the theme of ‘Communicating in times of economic change’

I wore a vintage gold and silver embellished top for two reasons:

a) speakers should be visible – this way people are more likely to engage with the content

b) Guests could always amuse themselves with counting marvelling at my unique sartorial elegance if the words didn’t grab them

The brief was large and the subject matter a bit daunting as it could be approached in so many ways, but tackling it was a good intellectual exercise.  Here’s some feedback first, so you read on:

I feel quite inspired by your talk yesterday. I have your card in front of me on the list of Things To Do, so thank you…Linda, Graphic Designer

I really enjoyed your presentation last night – I appreciated the tips from your personal experience as a PR/marketing professional… Sian, Business and Legal Publisher

I thought I would share my top five points from my presentation:

1. Communicating with customers cannot ‘cease and desist’ even if budgets are meagre: if you aren’t filling that space, the competition will!

2. Be creative, in terms of your ideas, how you execute them and where you look for talent (digital, design, copywriting etc).

3. Think in terms of building an enduring relationship with your customers; if you treat them well during the difficult times they will still be there when times are good.

4. Mass marketing and communications are old news, talking to smaller, discrete groups with clearly defined interests will help to ensure they are listening. One whiff of a preachy tone and you’ve lost them, sometimes forever.

5. Don’t panic. Don’t argue. Do plan (or contact an expert to help you to plan).

If you’d like to know more, or would like me to present my current thoughts and ideas on PR and communications you can email me at

© Suzy Rigg


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