Chris Brown & Chipmunk: Champion

Listen to it. The Chris Brown and Chipmunk combo: powerful, heartfelt.

Chris Brown in Mayfair, London. Credit WENN

“Some people have to learn (the hard way)

“Some people wait their turn (lifetimes, generations for justice)

“Some people have to fight (civil rights, politicians)

“Some people give their lives (record numbers of young black males die in prison, kill each other, suicide, death row..)

Here’s the video – listen for yourself – the words are heavy Champion

For me the power in this song is in rallying victory cry of young black men finally coming to terms with who they are. Between them Chris Brown and Chipmunk rap about violence, slavery, hurt, pain, oppression, mistakes, remorse. But where does this all lead them to? Victory.

MC Chipmunk, from Tottenham, London.

My hope is that all the fatherless boys who grow up to father other fatherless boys, realise that they still have the potential to be ‘CHAMPIONS!’.

Maybe I’m going in too seriously here, perhaps it’s just that catchy riff and those buff bronze bodies?

“I was born a champion”

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© Suzy Rigg


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