Coming of age shoes

This is about a pair of shoes I don’t even own. This is about my daughter’s grey platform pumps. They are sort of F*uck me pumps. (Amy Winehouse dedicated a song to them on her debut album FRANK .) F*ck me pumps are quite different to hooker shoes; ask any eighteen year old, they will put you straight. Anyway, picture them: dark dove grey, towering, sexy.  My teen’s first pair of heels. It’s no co-incidence that she’s purchased them a week ahead of her 18th. A lot of her friends are already on their fourth or fifth pair. Some of them do a fabulous impression of a twenty-five year old woman. Composed, collected, cocksure. But many of the others wear their heels with an innocence and inexperience that is moving. That phase is fleeting.

Heels: the symbol of womanhood!

She came ceremoniously down the stairs in them. Complete with baggy grey track suit bottoms. She ‘worked it’, as Miss Jay would say from ANTM.  She wasn’t going anywhere, but knew instinctively that heels need to be broken in.

I remember the exact time I wore heels down the stairs as a fourteen year old, they were leather tan-coloured open toe sandals with 3 1/2 ” heels and strangely comfortable. There must be something significant about the first stair-walk in heels. There is also the stair walk in movies (too many to mention) it’s almost a clichéd moment – the big reveal.

If you are the parent of a teen who has done the stair-walk, I think I should let you know, your little girl is about to leave the building…

Happy Birthday Pumpkin x

© Suzy Rigg

Some fabulous experts to check out for t(w)een parenting issues are:

(UK) Sue Atkins @SueAtkins

(US) Annie Fox   @Annie_Fox

This song is dedicated to all parents and their teenagers, take from it what you need..

Exceptional by Jo Jo (The High Road)

(she was 15 or 16 when she recorded this!) Enjoy


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