Dear Friends

Le Paris, a 2010 highlight

This is a personal letter from me to you. Yes you! I would like to thank you for reading this blog, whether you have landed here from Twitter, Facebook or a random search engine – thanks for eyeballing me. This blog has been ridiculously good fun and an almost obsessional pastime for me since August 2010. Many big emotional things have happened to me during the writing of this blog between August and December, family illness, death, reunion, a love affair to name a few. None of them are on here, they are far too personal and emotional to share – yet. I have journalled them and these events may reappear in other forms as novels, documentaries or through other channels. All is possible!

A large part of blogging for many is personal diarising, some blogs are almost addictive to follow. Rather like watching soaps; someone else’s pain and passion is a form of escapism from your own. Other blogs are purely business ventures and that’s not where I’m at either, it’s kind of a half-way house and I hope it works! My choice for the moment is to use my life experiences to create something other than the experience itself, that is to shape it into something useful and hopefully meaningful.

I’m not sure you how many of you are ‘returners’ to this blog, I have yet to start on the journey of analytics! But to be honest, there is no ulterior motive behind this blog apart from a place to ‘download’ my thoughts and ideas and share them with you. It’s great to have made new friends through this medium and it’s true, writing things down really does create its own momentum in all sorts of ways! So special thanks to those who have commented and engaged with me, please continue to do so and do suggest things for me to write – I’m not precious at all!!

For the New Year, I am considering advertisements on the blog, from companies or organisations that resonate with my own values. So, no to the poker sites then! And yes to social entrepreneurs, ethical producers, not-for-profits, sustainable and ethical fashionistas and those of you are about self-improvement and spiritual advancement. Oh and yes to writers, editors, poets and that community. I will also add some friends and associates to the blogroll, yes a little long in coming but it’s nice to get to know people, where they’re coming from etc. before you rush and promote them to your readers. Reputation is everything 😉

So thank you once again for reading for the past few months and I would like to wish you a fabulously fulfilled New Year and here’s to a long and continued conversation between friends!


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