Cashmere for Christmas

Meet me at sox This article was also published in, Dec 15, 2010.
Stunning Sonia Rykiel cashmere at Selfridges
For those of us that live in the Northern Hemisphere, it has snowed. It has rained. It’s frozen over. One of our key preoccupations is keeping warm, not just outdoors but indoors. Although energy costs are rocketing, there are a few essential items of clothing that can help a girl to look sassy and stay toasty warm at home, even if its blowing a gale outside. You won’t need to pile on the woolies to channel the great Aunt Hilda look either. (Apologies to all great aunties out there, you probably look fierce anyway). You and I know, it’s all about cashmere at Christmas.

Whether you are planning to snuggle up on the sofa with your man, your cat, your kids or a good book on these cold winter evenings, here are a few suggestions to keep you looking hot even when its cold outside!

Jumper dress
Cosy, sexy cool, the Jumper Dress


It’s important to keep your trunk or your torso warm as this literally provides warmth for your heart as it pumps the blood around your body in an effort to keep you warm. If you core body isn’t warm, the blood rushes away from your extremities  – fingers and toes – to ensure that the body’s powerhouse, the heart, is able to beat time. So slipping on a neutral jumper dress, like the one in the photo, might just be the ticket and is a bit cuter than your tracky bottoms, don’t you agree?

The slim-line woolly jumper is a no-brainer, but what you wear underneath is also important. Stop sniggering at the back.

Layering up, with thin thermal, silk or cotton long-sleeved vests or a mix of all three fabrics are a great way to stay warm. These thinner layers trap your body heat between you and your outer wear, acting like a mini body-hugging radiator.

Long-sleeved or thermal vests with cashmere tend to be at the higher end of the price scale, but are worth the investment. At the upper end of the ‘thermals’ scale is Bella Di Notte, who specialise in luxury, quality warming underwear. For a more cost-focused exercise, Asda has some pretty and affordable garments too.

Vests - sexy or warm - you decide

Another cashmere ‘must have’ is socks. You can even get ‘over the knees’ which will help to keep out the chill if you are an unseasonal short wearer.

Meet me at sox

So now you’re all cosied up all you need is a mug of hot chocolate and the ubiquitous DVD.
Or something…
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by Suzy Rigg



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