Jamie’s School Dinners DVD

The tease: Jamie’s School Dinners


Pure Jamie Oliver magic, which sees the cheeky chef take charge of 20,000 school dinners in an inner London borough. The real stars of course are the kids!


DVD description: Jamie’s School Dinners

Based on the successful 4-part Channel 4 series, Jamie Oliver tackles the problems of poor quality school dinners in his own inimitable ‘bull by the horns’ fashion!  Jamie is concerned that the UK government is not doing enough to tackle poor nutrition in schools and is determined to take matters into his own hands. But it’s not all smooth sailing as some of the dinner ladies object being asked to put in the extra hours needed to prepare some of the dishes. Worse still, some of the children are less than impressed with the superstar chef’s culinary and healthy school dinner alternatives.

The 2-disc set contains special features from Jamie’s ‘Feed Me Better’ campaign which is packed with loads of ideas for heads and teachers to help change the school dinner menu. The teaching aids include things to do in the classroom, a food diary, sample recipes and a seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar.

Jamie’s School Dinners DVD is suitable for all viewing ages. Parental advisory note: An optional expletive is deleted on the audio track.

 {On a personal note, I’m passionate about healthy eating in schools and the wealth of educational and health benefits that can be derived from teaching about food as a wonderful, exciting gift that can sustain us. I am also painfully aware of problems that can arise in early years which can ‘play out’ with food and eating, until food can almost become a weapon that children use against themselves. Eat (and stay) well.}

 A link to the DVD ‘buying’ page: http://www.jamieoliver.com/jme/dvds/info/jamies-school-dinners-complete-series/100235.html

 NB. I don’t do PR for Jamie, but maybe I should give his people a call.. what do you think?!


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