Book Review: The End of Mr. Y

The Tease:


If you read this book, you will be cursed; this is the chilling thrill that drives PhD student Ariel to track down a rare book. Dare you read it?!

Book description: The End of Mr. Y


Ariel, the heroine and the main protagonist, is swept along on a mysterious and dangerous journey, taking her further away from the impoverished realities of her PhD student life.

The chance finding of a rare antiquarian book, by one of the authors she is studying, triggers a heady series of events that are quite psychedelic in nature. Slipping between the first and third person narrative, The End of Mr. Y takes you on a strange ‘trip’ too as you become immersed in the layered storytelling. The main character in The End of Mr.Y imbibes a strange potion that transports him to another dimension where he has the ability to get into peoples’ minds; he becomes addicted to this intriguing process and dies impoverished, proving the validity of the curse. Our heroine, Ariel doesn’t believe in curses, but recklessly tracks down the potion and finds herself in the same altered state as the character in the novel. At this point the lines between the stories begin to merge, forcing you to question your own consciousness!

The End of Mr. Y is a clever and stimulating read, by author Scarlett Thomas, who is currently teaching English and Creative Writing at the University of Kent.


ISBN 9 781847670700


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