Light a candle


Scented candles create an elegant finish

You either love them or don’t get the point of them. They are symbols and light, love, loyalty and hope. Candles. The eternal flame.

Candles are burned for a number of reasons: in remembrance of the departed, thousands of tealights twinkle in  churches around the world, at times of celebration they weigh down birthday cakes, at times of baptism they are  lit to mark the beginning of a life lead ‘in the light’.

As well as symbolizing light, life, joy and hope, candles can be an elegant part of your home interior, a design feature that creates a focal point, relaxing or sensual smells, diffused lighting or provide an elegant finish to a dining or occasional table. Candles are known for creating a soft and intimate mood – think of the late great Teddy Pendergrass…’ Turn off the light… and light a candle!’ Flickering, aromatic candles are truly something to savour.

Top quality candles may appear to the uninitiated to be a decadent waste of money, well you are literally buying it to burn it! But the sense of calm and tranquility that candles transmit in a room not to mention the wonderful scents and the dancing light, make them very good value in the list of possible home luxuries.

For over 50 years, legendary French perfumer Diptyque has perfected the art of making scented candles. Passionate about re-creating scents from exotic travels and childhood memories, Diptyque fragrances capture the essences of green figs, orange blossoms, rose petals and black currant leaves, to name but a few. They are made of a high quality vegetable and paraffin wax mix, which burn the unique mix of natural ingredients that are impregnated in them, slowly, evenly and safely. Some of their candles have a burning time of between 50-60 hours.

The sense of smell is hugely evocative, can you recall the smell of your mum’s roast dinner, a scent you used to wear when you were with your first love? You can create powerful and positive memories in your own home with the right choice of candle. Want a house ringing with laughter, just light the right candle!

Other purveyors of fine candles you might like to explore are French brand L’Occitane, Prices and ‘queen of fragrances’ Jo Malone.

Prices, candlemaker by Royal Appointment

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