After the White


After the White


Choking, gasping for air, after being pressed down for what seemed like eternity, Serena knew she had to get out of here. She looked around her but all she could register was the whiteness of the walls and floor. Her hands groped up and down wildly, but there didn’t seem to be any light switch or window, nothing to break up the monotony.  Her heart thumping in her temples, she leaned heavily against the white wall and slid her body to the floor.

Quieted and forcing herself to breathe evenly, she spotted something from the corner of her eye; a chink of bright. Slowly, her eyes filling with tears, she saw that the light was streaming through an open door. A door that stretched into the future, a future tantalising with hope and possibilities. She inched her way forward towards the door, her torso stretching up as she walked. There was no need to open the door, it was already open. Shaking but emboldened, she stepped outside.

© Suzy Rigg


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