The Pier


‘I know.’

‘Why the hell did you drag me here anyway? You’ve seen the end of one pier, you’ve seen them all! What are you thinking?’

‘Oh nothing really, just how the sea is always there, long after we’ve all snuffed it. It’s just so endless, eternal, you know, so vast. It’s the only place left on earth you can be totally alone, out at sea. God, think how scared you would feel on a small boat, in the middle of a storm, with the sea all black and raging around you? Even if you’re a really strong swimmer, you wouldn’t stand a chance! Did you see the film The Abyss, you know by the same guy that made Avatar? Well there were some gigantic, electrical magnetic sea monsters in that film, very intelligent, made from sea water, living thousands of feet deep in the ocean. What do you think is down there, at the bottom?’

‘Come on you. I think the cold’s getting to you, we need some coffee!’

The pier creaked and the sea moaned as they walked away.

© Suzy Rigg 2010

Photograph reproduced with permission


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