Twitter’s Playground

Twitter is like the school playground. The need to feel you belong to the biggest and most popular ‘gang’ of which you are the leader. Popularity is measured in followers. If you’ve been away from Twitter Elementary, you feel you’ve missed something. And there’s the kiss chase. There’s plenty of twerty flirty stuff that goes on.

You make friends and unfriends with the unseemly haste that is normally only acceptable when you are seven.  Some tweeple even get others to tweet for them – just like when you got your friend to tell your crush that you fancied him!  Having a third party deliver your messages was always a good way to show your game.

I listened to two Radio 1 DJs talking the other day about one not following the other on Twitter.  The ‘banter’ went something like: “ I can’t believe you don’t follow me!” “ Well you don’t follow me!” “I don’t know what your name is..!” “It’s xxxxxxxx! So you can follow me now!” “I can’t believe the only reason you don’t follow me is because I wasn’t following you! It’s pathetic!” It made amusing listening. Grown men. Good careers. Probably lots of friends and acquaintances in the real world, albeit fewer than in their virtual world.

Acres of text has already been written about Twitter and other social media, and the reasons why and it’s such a global phenomenon. Some pundits point to the viral element, the potential to reach so many people so fast, others have noted the appeal of driving awareness and revenue. I don’t even think it’s the whizzy apps and clever interactivity. It works because it’s all about the core of human nature. We all want to be liked/loved/popular. Just like when we were in the school playground. Want to be in my gang?    …@radiantlady

© Suzy Rigg


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