The Climb

Buttons carefully wed,

Shoes spat on and polished,

Bacon sandwich hastily eaten,

Lager swiftly demolished,

Hair carelessly brushed,

Teeth, well they were clean-ish

Skin, sallow, shiny still slightly green-ish

It’s time to move on! meet the cold air of day

Let the ground and papers to keep the draft away

Time to move on before the cops find me!

Laughing and creaking upwards

One step at a time.

© The Climb by Suzy Rigg 2010

Photograph courtesy of Olive O’Brien.


One thought on “The Climb

  1. Hi Suzy,
    Thanks for posting a blog based on the last two exercises. I like the line “It’s time to move on, to meet the cold air of day.” I can just feel it! This week’s exercise is now up too; sorry for the delay, the picture wouldn’t upload for me until this morning:)

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