Conversation about setting up your own business

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This film has a twist; watch it and see if you see it coming. I won’t spoil it for you but if you are that sticky stage of deciding whether you set up your own business, you’ll recognise it when it happens..

Watching Charlie at work is to see a dream in action. I’ve travelled into London on SWT and seen the big sign past Vauxhall for Pimlico Plumbers, I thought it was a catchy name and I had only heard good things about them, so it was great for me to find out more about the man behind the business.

Another entrepreneur who’s caught my eye recently is Sharmadean Reid, Founder of  WAHNAILS (

She was featured recently in a London newspaper and told a story not dissimilar to Charlie’s. Hailing from the West Midlands as part of a large Jamaican family, she  was surrounded by love and positivity all of which gave her to confidence to believe in herself. She was unfazed at the idea of setting up her o

Radiantlady loves WAH NAILS

Radiantlady loves WAH NAILS

wn business and even describes it in four easy steps which makes it sound easier than baking a cupcake!

What struck me most reading about Sharamdean was her passion in achieving the impossible, and then simply getting on with it.

“People bog themselves down in the process of growing, it rather than just doing it,”

If you think about that sentence there is a lot of wisdom in that. As an entrepreneur or business owner to need to be fleet of foot, as flexible as a ballet dancer to response to the changing pace of the business drum. Social media facilitates this type of speed beautifully as is probably why there are so many solopreneurs who use social media to great effect. It’s generally light and unencumbered.

Q: What did I learn from the stories of both of these talented, hardworking business people?

A: Flex your muscles, take that call, act on your intuition, believe in you!

Suzy Rigg

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What is crabbing?

Radiantlady's Water boy

Radiantlady’s Water boy – the bucket has live crabs in

Do you know what crabbing is? The boy in the photo is a Cancerian; a ‘water’ sign, if you follow astrology, the sign of the crab. And this boy crab, was buy the sea catching real crabs in a net!

We spent the day near water, with a water boy.

If you haven’t been crabbing before and you have children, I would strongly recommend it as a relatively low cost summer or weather permitting, late autumn half term activity. You can buy all of the accessories at the shops on the sea front: the crabbing bucket, the bait, and the net. We were novices and the lady in the shop advised where to put the bait for the best crab bites! It was very exciting to cast the net into the swirling seas off the coast of East Sussex and wait for a particular type of ‘tug’ that meant a crab had taken the bait! The challenge was getting them to stay on the net and not drop off before you could plonk them in your crabbing bucket to admire.

There was a lovely community spirit and families either ate their packed lunches at the sea front or went to the café further down the beach for traditional fish, chips and peas.

The crabs are all thrown back into the sea of course and the whole thing starts again the next day.

Below is a picture of the same crabbing bucket on a blustering autumn evening, taken outside in the garden, getting filled with rainwater!

Bucket full of water

No more crabs, but a bucket full of water


Suzy Rigg

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About Conversation Between Friends

Originally posted on Conversation Between Friends:

I’m Suzy: welcome to “Conversation Between Friends”  – I’ve set up this blog for two reasons:

1. Creative a safe space to discuss issues that are important to me and hopefully stimulate debate whilst doing so

2. Showcase to employers, potential colleagues, companies and fellow creatives my unique personal brand

I’m a communications copywriter,  PR and marketing professional and mother of two.  I’ve always loved to read, write and talk.

My career

I chose career where I could  learn, exchange ideas, debate, influence and create. With my early career spent in the publishing and advertising industries, I later migrated towards the broader communications mix. I have enjoyed advising blue-chip  companies, charities, government agencies and not-for-profits on internal and external communications issues, helping them find the stories to build their brands and gain customers’ understanding. With extensive campaign, strategy, planning and media relations experience, I genuinely love what I do.

Conversationalist & occasional TV presenter

If I’m…

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Conversation between parents (Warning: contains Pokemon)

This post is for the mamas and  papas out there – yes you sleep deprived folk who get delirious at the thought of a ‘night-in': not for a passionate session of all night love-making, no! you’re excited by the prospect of five or maybe six hours of uninterrupted zeds. Poor you, I remember those days; wearing blacked out sunglasses to work, not because I wanted to look cool, but because I didn’t want people to think I’d been beaten up. It added to my sense of mystery and my desire not to ‘fess up to being a single mum. Anyway, if you’re in that sleep deprived fog, listen up: It doesn’t last. It’s an illusion, er you’ll get a long sleep when you’re dead. Ok, sorry I’m not helping, but this quirky, funny video might.

It’s hypnotic, brightly coloured and unintelligible – perfect for infants who still confuse night with day. And if they don’t like it, at least you’ve amused them for a few minutes. I just hope it doesn’t make you, or them cry!



I wonder who will be the first to tell me the name of the song that the verse reminds you of…?

You are feeling very, very sleepy… Good Luck!


© Suzy Rigg

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Conversation about activism

Behind the shy smile and the calm demeanour is a razor sharp mind trained with the determination to help others. I’ve recently come across the name of Fahma Mohamed through reading a newspaper article about her incredible campaigning achievements, garnering support to raise awareness of the practice of FGM (female genital mutilation). The article in the ” i ” was a news piece about her award for “Outstanding Young Campaigner of the Year


Radiantlady admires young activists

Radiantlady admires young activists

You may have an alternative view about FGM and other indigenous practices and customs, but this article is not about the cause, it is about the passion and fire that drives the human spirit. Both her and Malala are young, female and could fall into the ‘oppressed’ category in society but they have chosen, in spite of or perhaps because of, their relatively young years to use their gifts of freedom of speech, eloquence and compassion to improve the lives and prospects for their sisterhood.

They are working, without particular privilege or access, to affect change for others and create a different vision of the future.  There is so much written about womens’ rights and freedoms, and what inspires me most reading about Fahma is her vision and direct application, striding out for what she believes in and not necessarily waiting for others to catch up. It reminds me of the sort of personality you see in visionaries or entrepreneurs – an unwavering sense of self-belief in doing what is right according to their personal principles. I don’t wish to write a political piece but as many of the great political philosophers have written, to live in a civilized society, the personal is always political.

I do believe it’s important to follow your passion, especially if it can in time, work for the greater good. On a micro level, you can start with your own family and friends, sharing your positive hopes and ideals, in a quiet calm way.

You can follow Fahma on Twitter @FahmaEndFGM  and you can find out more about Integrate Bristol here

Or in the words of another famous activist: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

© Suzy Rigg

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Conversation about Flowers

“Can women buy each other flowers?” “Cut flowers, aren’t they expensive?” “If a guy buys a woman flowers, he’s usually guilty of something!” “They’re a waste of money, you’re better off buying a plant.” People are usually a cut flowers type of person, or they aren’t.  Personally I love to see fresh flowers in a church or at an event as they add considerable atmosphere, they’re a while industry around this, so there must be some merit in the power of flowers. In my opinion, they bring an energy or vibrancy to a room and they can make you smile, on the greyest day.



I received this beautiful bunch of sunflowers on a rainy grey day after a couple of metaphorical grey days. They were given to me by a friend and a work colleague in recognition that I’ve been doing quite a lot of important mum stuff, supporting my son with his exams (in spite of my fear and loathing maths!) and was basically saying ‘well done’! It was a lovely gesture and meant so much on a rainy old grey day, the sort of day that cries out for an injection of sunshine.

I will remember that gesture and what it taught me: a small amount of thought about others, alongside a small gesture of support or gratitude, for whatever reason, can make a BIG difference to someone else. Especially when they’re not expecting it. Now I’m passing that sunshine onto you – it’s yours to pass on to the next…

© Suzy Rigg

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Conversation about Happiness


There are great some quotes in here, which I why I’ve shared this presentation! And to add my own few words of insight on the matter…a poem:


I do believe that life is an ‘opt in’ sort of game

The law of karma like a quadratic equation means you get back what put in

Your bank manager likes happiness too as we all know a smile costs nothing!

And frowning not only begets a bad mood

but causes wrinkles,

which cost LOTS of money to fix

And thinking of others before yourself

is not putting yourself last or putting others on a pedestal,

it’s using life’s best free gift – intuition – to help you navigate the mysteries of other people…

thinking about others takes the spotlight off your own troubles,

and trouble likes company and she’s off, in a HUFF

if you don’t pay her any attention…

thinking of others, using freebie intuition,

helps you become a wiser judge of character

saving you potential heartache,

steering you towards the sunshine state of serenity.

Happiness is a choice

ask anyone who dies with a smile on their face:

there is nothing you can do

so why not relax and enjoy the show?


© Suzy Rigg

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Milknosugarcommunications Ltd


Yes, this really is me – filmed about five years ago, by bestbitsmedia when I set up my first freelance business, milknosugarcommunications ltd. Actually they were setting up their business at the same time.

It was a great to have a professional exterior for my business which was comprised of me, my contacts, some highly skilled recruitment agents, a laptop, and buckets of chutzpah. I also needed to be set up as a Limited Company to fulfil some UK Government contracts that I was working on.

But back to the video. I really can’t watch it, it’s nothing to do with the production, it’s just that awkward thing about watching and listening to yourself. But as it’s swilling around the internet, I thought I should claim this film for my blog, as it’s part of me and my entrepreneurial, marketing, copywriting journey.

The reason for doing this video was to gain some interview experience and sell myself and my ‘business’. As a previous corporate PR, I realised it’s harder being on the other side of the camera than it looks! I’ve done countless spokesperson briefings, identifying supporting messages and prompts about how to answer difficult questions and here I was in the ‘hot seat’ trying to remember all of things I had told my clients many times!

Chantal was an excellent interviewer and it was a great experience. In fact I would recommend making a short film to all small business owners for the following reasons:


1. It’s great practice being able to define your business under pressure, (ie when someone is pointing a camera at you)

2. Being able to handle yourself and answer difficult or complex questions is a skill that will serve you well

3. Remaining calm under pressure is an essential skill for all business owners

4. Watching yourself on film can be excruciating, but you will learn a lot about your communication style, your tone of voice and whether you are able to construct cogent responses to questions (may come in handy when in meetings with the bank manager or for a potentially big customer win)

5. Watching yourself on film can also be the cause of great hilarity; each of us has funny little mannerisms, nervous ticks which all seem exaggerated but it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself. The savviest business people understand the real power in laughter, in the most stressful situations.

So go on, get filming  – you’ll be amazed at yourself!

I’ve got lot of experience in this area so get in touch with me on LinkedIn if need any help or advice.

Lights, camera – ACTION!


© Suzy Rigg

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What type of freelancer are you?

You’re having a conversation with friends about your job, and you mention you’re a freelancer. The assumption is you work for yourself, right? Wrong. There are many variables in this key section of the workforce.

In order to define what sort of freelancer you are, you need to be clear about how you wish to work. To complicate things further, your freelance status can change as your life changes (for example a house move resulting in space for a proper office, an inheritance, a new baby etc.) All of these life changes can impact on how much money you need and how you may wish to approach getting your hands on it.

So here are a few freelancer types: (see if you can spot yourself!)

Creative industries, like journalism, are known for having a highly mobile freelance workforce


1. Full-time freelancer – solely fulfilling private work secured by your own contacts/sheer grit and determination, working in your own environment (more often than not, your home.) You’ve probably been freelance for so long, you hardly need to promote yourself as you’ve got a nice selection of steady clients who pay you well, thank you very much Twitter.
2. Full-time freelancer – you are sometimes called a contractor, as you fulfil longer term ‘contracts’ for companies sometimes for six or twelve months stints and you will certainly be a contractor when you fill a maternity leave positions for anywhere between six months to a year. The significant factor about this role is that you are effectively part of the team you are working with, for the duration of your contract – in some (lucky) cases you may even be offered a permanent job!

The interesting this about this sort of contracting is that for legal reasons, some companies require you to work as a Limited Company, which means setting yourself up through Companies House or if you secured your contract position through a recruitment agency, the agency may provide you with the opportunity of working through an umbrella company.

3. Part-time freelancer  – you might be a full-time employee, but somehow manage to squash in some private work for love or money.  You hope to jack in the day job one day when your private work begins to encroach on your day job or when your earning exceed your day job. Matchstick anyone?

4. Part-time freelancer – you work part-time in an employed capacity, usually in a regular work environment, and do your freelance work on your ‘free’ or non-office days. You feel pretty smug about this set up as you have the regular security from your part-time role and make up your income with more lucrative freelance gigs. The only down side is that you are committed, employee like, to your part-time job and giving it up completely seems risky so you need to fit all of your freelance work into certain days and times of the week, which doesn’t always suit your private clients. Who needs 8 hours’ sleep anyway?

5. Fair-weather freelancer – you are a chameleon, you enjoy the hustle for freelance work whilst in a permanent post and long for security when projects are thin on the ground.  As soon as you’re back on your feet financially, or the routine and lack of stimulation of permanent employment becomes too much, you’re off! Freedom, emotional as well as financial freedom is what motivates you. A buoyant market in your area of expertise flushes you out of the corridors of the corporations as soon as the pound (or euro) looks sound. In spite of what your friends (or your mother) may say about you settling into a ‘proper’ job, there’s nothing wrong with this approach, you’re merely following your natural, entrepreneurial instinct. Luckily for you, finding freelance work is easy as you’ve gained so many contacts along the way!

Whatever sort of freelancer you are, enjoy the ride and give a little something of yourself, you’ll get a great reference which will help with future freelance gigs, in addition the company will feel good about taking on freelancers in the future. Everyone is happy.

If I’ve missed out the sort of freelancer that you are, please let me know!

Suzy Rigg

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This article was also published in Creative Digest, you can read it and other informative articles here






Does gold make you happy?


Photo courtesy:

It’s got everything this story: Mystery, the arts, beaches and gold bars! See editorial in the local newspaper, Folkestone News.

It captured people’s imagination, provided great moving and still images – it’s a story that could run and run. In fact, it’s a perfect media story, well constructed and more or less guaranteed to get coverage across a range of print, online and broadcast media. Well done to everyone involved in this one!

Conversation about an Imaginary pot of gold

Conversation about an Imaginary pot of gold

For me the interesting thing about this story is that it is steeped in legend: man’s eternal search for elusive treasure and the happiness he thinks it will buy him. The feeling that if you could only find the Holy Grail. The searching for treasure and the hope that the search creates in you: it’s pure adrenalin, excitement the thrill of the chase but what if the search is fruitless and you find nothing? Do you devote your whole life looking for treasure, whilst ignoring the treasures on your doorstep?

Keep searching, keeping hoping, it is what makes us human, but don’t forget to look inside your heart and your mind for the treasures of the spirit and being that no-one can steal!

Suzy Rigg

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